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Client Overview

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Action for Protection of Animals Africa (APAA) is a non-goovernmental organization committed to protecting and promoting the welfare of animals in Africa. The organization focuses on dog population management and rabies elimination, as well as wildlife protection and conservation. Their mission is to promote compassion towards animals and work towards a world where animals are treated with respect and dignity.


APAA approached Qallann Marketing Agency to create a visual identity for their brand, including a logo, business cards, country profiles and information packs, free standing banners, t-shirts and polo shirts (printed and branded), and a website. The client wanted the visual identity to reflect their mission and values, which were to create a more compassionate world for animals and to promote their protection and welfare in Africa.

Research and Analysis

Before starting the design process, we conducted thorough research and analysis of the client's market and competitors. We studied the existing brands in the animal welfare industry and looked for ways to make APAA stand out. We also analysed the colour psychology and typography that would best reflect the brand's values, which were compassion, protection, and welfare.

Design Process

Based on our research and analysis, we started the design process by creating several initial concepts for the APAA logo. The chosen logo featured a dog and a lion, symbolising the organisation's commitment to both domestic and wild animal welfare. The colour palette used was a combination of earth tones, including burnt orange, browns, and beiges, which conveyed the brand's commitment to protecting the environment and animal habitats.

We then created business cards, country profiles and information packs, free-standing banners, t-shirts and polo shirts (printed and branded), all utilising the same colour palette and typography as the logo to ensure consistency across all brand assets.

The website design was next, which was informational, accepted donation payments from PayPal, captured leads, had an e-learning feature, showcased the projects they do, had their social media feeds and was integrated with analytics to monitor performance. The website design was responsive and user-friendly, with a clean and modern design that emphasised the brand's values and mission.


The final visual identity we created for APAA was a success. The logo and brand assets we created conveyed the brand's message and values perfectly, and the website design was both informative and visually appealing. The free-standing banners, t-shirts and polo shirts helped to promote the brand and create a sense of unity among staff and supporters. The website design enabled the organisation to accept donations, capture leads, and educate visitors about their work. APAA was delighted with the result, and the visual identity has helped the organisation gain recognition and support in their efforts to promote animal welfare in Africa.

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