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Discover the power of Intentional Marketing - through our client success stories.

Client Overview

BeautyClick is an e-commerce marketplace based in Kenya that offers a wide range of hair and beauty products, including their own brand of weaves and wigs, as well as other local and international products. The company approached Qallann Marketing Agency for support in developing and distributing social media content.


BeautyClick wanted to increase their brand awareness and drive sales through social media. Qallann Marketing Agency was tasked with developing a social media marketing strategy that would engage their target audience and increase their online presence.

Research and Analysis

Before starting the content development process, Qallann Marketing Agency conducted extensive research and analysis on the hair and beauty industry in Kenya. We also analysed the company's existing social media presence and studied the behaviour patterns of their target audience. From our research, we identified the key social media platforms that would be most effective in reaching the target audience.

Design Process

Qallann Marketing Agency worked closely with BeautyClick to create a social media marketing strategy that aligned with the company's overall goals. We developed a content calendar that included a mix of curated and original content, featuring product images, reviews, tutorials, and beauty tips.

Our team also created custom graphics and videos for social media platforms to showcase the products and increase engagement. We focused on creating visually appealing content that would resonate with the target audience and reflect the brand's aesthetic.

To distribute the content, we utilised a mix of paid and organic strategies, including social media advertising, and messenger marketing. We also monitored and tracked the performance of the content to make data-driven decisions and optimise the campaign.


The social media marketing campaign for BeautyClick was a success, with the content generating high engagement rates and increased sales. The custom graphics and videos created by Qallann Marketing Agency were effective in showcasing the products and increasing brand awareness. The influencer partnerships and social media advertising helped reach new audiences and drive traffic to the website.

Through our efforts, BeautyClick was able to establish a strong social media presence, expanding their reach and driving more sales.

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