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Some projects we've worked on

We've worked on some very exciting projects in different industries. 

Kazi App

Kazi App logo

The client


KAZI is a start-up company based in Kenya. The team developed an app that connects small business owners in the informal sector to potential clients.

Project Duration



What we did



Through extensive market research, we developed a plan to launch the app in Kenya and onboard service providers and users. 


We also set the team up with the right marketing tech stack to help them achieve their marketing and business goals. 

Graphic Design

We developed brand guidelines to help the KAZI maintain a consistent look and feel across all their engagement touch-points to build a memorable brand.

We designed merchandise for the KAZI team: sweatshirts, t-shirts and face masks.


We also designed ads and social media graphic visuals for their different engagement platforms.

Digital Consumer Intelligence

We needed to make sure we supported the KAZI team so that they released a product at the right time communicating the right message to get them the results they desired. Through search listening and social listening, we were able to identify the best time to launch the app and develop the right messaging to support their goals.

Content Marketing

Using our digital consumer intelligence, we developed a content marketing plan to grow their online community. He handled their social media community management and email marketing.


Media Buying - Social Media and Search Engine Marketing

Being a new player, we need to get the word out about this new and exciting app. We designed ads that we pushed on social media and through search engines. 

Kazi App - Our Work