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Helping Hands

Corporate Citizenship

We understand that our agency can only be profitable in a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable community. We therefore aim to make a positive and intentional difference in the world around us, and that starts with our community. We want to give value to the community around us in a very sustainable way.

How does Qallann Marketing Agency we make an impact ?


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Young Woman Making Notes


Women empowerment is a cause that is very dear to our agency. Gender parity is still not quite where it should be in Kenya and we want to do our part in changing that narrative. If you are a business owner interested in working with us....

Image by Alex Nemo Hanse


Entrepreneurs often struggle with the basics of marketing and growing their business on a budget. We support small businesses by equipping them with tools and tactics that they need to do more with less. If you run a small business and could benefit from our support...

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