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Discover the power of Intentional Marketing - through our client success stories.

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Client Overview

KAZI is a Kenyan-based start-up that created an app to connect small business owners in the informal sector to potential clients. The app aims to help small businesses grow and expand their reach in the market.


KAZI approached Qallann Marketing Agency to design a marketing strategy that would increase user onboarding and drive up usage of the app. The client wanted to reach a broader audience and establish a strong presence in the market.

Research and Analysis

Before beginning the marketing campaign, we conducted extensive research and analysis of the target market and competitors. We studied the existing marketing strategies of similar apps and looked for ways to make KAZI stand out. We also analysed the user behaviour and preferences in the Kenyan market to ensure that our marketing efforts would resonate with the audience.

Marketing Strategy

Based on our research and analysis, we designed a comprehensive marketing strategy for KAZI that included email marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, social listening, search listening, and media buying.

Email Marketing: We created email marketing campaigns to target potential users and drive sign-ups. The emails were personalised, informative, and highlighted the benefits of using the app.

Social Media Marketing: We created social media campaigns that focused on educating users about the app's features, benefits, and success stories. We used Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach a broader audience and engage with users.

Graphic Design: We designed eye-catching graphics for the app's social media profiles, email newsletters, printed merchandise and website to create a consistent brand image.

Social Listening: We monitored social media platforms to track mentions of the app, user feedback, and sentiment analysis to identify areas of improvement.

Search Listening: We used search listening tools to analyse keywords and search terms related to the app to improve its visibility and search engine ranking.

Media Buying: We executed targeted media buying campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach a broader audience and increase app downloads.


The marketing strategy we designed for KAZI was a success. Our efforts helped KAZI reach a wider audience, increase app downloads, and drive up the usage of the app. The email marketing campaigns had high open rates and conversion rates, while the social media campaigns had significant increases in engagement and followers. Our social listening and search listening efforts helped us identify areas of improvement and provide valuable insights to the client. The media buying campaigns resulted in a significant increase in app downloads and a positive return on investment. The client was pleased with the outcome, and KAZI became a popular and trusted app in Kenya's informal sector.

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