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7 ways to create engaging Mother's & Father's Day e-campaigns

Updated: May 15, 2022

Mother's Day held on the second Sunday of May, and Father's Day held on the third Sunday of June, are holidays set aside to honour parents. These holidays are typically characterised by giving a card to the parents, spending the day together and sharing a meal and/or doing some bonding activities. Today, not all families can come together during these holidays. During the peak of the pandemic, both holidays were celebrated predominantly online as all children weren't able to visit their parents as a result of social distancing and self-isolation. Beyond the pandemic, some families are just geographically distanced from each other.

As a brand or business, how can you help your customers connect with their parents using online mothers' and fathers' day campaigns? All you need to do is approach it from a different perspective and reimagine these packages. We've put together a cheat sheet for this "new normal".

What would a pivoted Mother’s day and Father’s day campaign look like?

Here are the underlying considerations as well as some examples of winning campaign ideas that we recommend:

1. Create interactive digital experiences.

Human beings yearn for interactions by virtue of the fact that we are social beings. Providing your customers with a way to interact with their loved ones and others can be a way to win them over. You need to be able to bring the same excitement that your customer would have physically experienced, online. For example, if you host a father and son game night, take the gaming experience online. Let different father and son couples battle it out online for a win. You could offer a father and child gaming experience where family units battle for a win.

2. Offer customisable and personalised experiences:

If you have physical or digital products that your customers can purchase, consider making them customisable or personalised. Create an experience where your customer can shop online for options tailored to their preferences. Custom and personalised gifts would make their loved ones feel like the gift is unique and was made just for them. Personalisation can be done to items like virtual cards, t-shirts, flowers etc.

3. Pivot your physical events to online events.

Selling some of the typical services you are used to may be more challenging online, but you can still leverage your skills and knowledge to sell a close second or your new and improved first. For example, if you cannot sell an aromatherapy massage to a mother and daughter duo, you can instead sell an online aromatherapy class and essential oils through an e-commerce platform. This gives your customer a chance to recreate the physical experience for themselves with your support.

4. Develop bold and interactive assets.

There's a lot more content online with a lot more people consuming it. This means that your campaign material may need to be a lot more show-stopping and engaging - engaging enough to cut through all the noise of the billions and trillions of content being shared online.

When it comes to creating your campaign collateral or assets, think bold and interactive. Programmatic ads are a great way to get people interacting with your marketing content, whichever point in the marketing funnel they are in. You can use gamification, collect data, personalise your content and much more.

5. Simplify the purchase journey on your e-commerce site

If you have an e-commerce site, consider making your customers’ work easier by grouping products and services they could buy for a specific holiday. For example, have a section titled “gifts for Mother’s Day” with different products that you offer which may fit the occasion. A simplified journey with minimal steps converts faster.

6. Offer customer support

Change is happening rapidly for everyone. Providing support to your customers as they navigate your content and campaign material will simplify their journey and help you build relationships with your customers getting them to take an action.

7. Give offers

Last, but not least, create offers. At our core, humans are selfish and want the best deal for themselves. Find that sweet spot between what you can offer your customers as a deal and still meet your margins. Give discounts, free deliveries, free gifts with purchase and any other offers you could think of. This can go a long way in creating memorable moments in your customers’ lives.



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