Marketing campaign tips this Valentine's day

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Valentine’s day, Saint Valentine’s day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is almost here. This is a religious, cultural and commercial celebration of romance. As a business, you need to jump on this holiday band wagon and spread the love.

The major benefit of running a marketing campaign around Valentine’s day is that you will be connecting with your consumers and helping them build lasting memories (hopefully good ones) with your brand. This could eventually lead to brand trust then loyalty and advocacy.

How can you spread the love? See where your brand fits in to this holiday and show your audience how they can incorporate your product or service into their celebration. Here are a few ideas for you:

1. Inspire your audience with ideas

Give your audience and potential consumers his and hers gifts ideas from your product or services range. Show them that your destination is the most ideal for that perfect Valentine’s day date. If they opt to celebrate indoors, teach them recipes that will make their Valentine’s day most memorable. Host an epic event for lovers. Invite single people looking to find love (be inclusive and don’t lock potential consumer groups out).

2. Pair up your products

For those with multiple products in your portfolio, this is your chance to do a double promo of products, services and/or categories. Pair up your products or services that go together and show your audience how they can use the two together. You can go a step ahead and have offers in pairs like: two for the price of one, or buy one get, one free.

Be sure to make the delivery very creative to get the best outcome for your brand. Use creative and engaging formats and distribute them through the right channels.


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