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The omnishopper... disruption of the retail industry

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The omnishopper... disruption of the retail industry

There has been a disruption to the retail industry with the rise of a new shopper, the omnishopper. As the name suggests, this shopper shops everywhere: online through different devices, offline directly from stores. They search for the product online, purchase the product in-store or vice versa. As a retailer, you need to be on top of all the possible retail channels. You need to know these consumers deeply, understand how you can reach them, and inspire them so as to navigate the continuously changing retail landscape. The only way to adapt to the changing consumers and meet their needs is through data and insights.

The right data and insights will guide you on how to attract this consumer, intentionally; they will shed light on the multiple channel marketing strategy to use to grow your business.

Qallann Media and Digital Marketing Agency can help you develop the best tailor-made strategy for your business. Our research and analytics team can provide you with data and insights for your industry to help you make informed and intentional business growth decisions.

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