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Code of Conduct

Welcome to the QM-Club - A friendly and vibrant community of marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs.

We aim to offer a safe and supportive platform that values the inclusion of individual ideas and opinions.In the Qallann spirit, we welcome our members to do the same in an environment that is free of judgement, discrimination or any other unprofessional conduct. By joining us, you have agreed to follow the below stated rules and guidelines. They will encourage easy collaboration and set expectations for all members on the platform and during both virtual and face-to-face QM-Club events.


  1. Members should exercise professional activities with respect in speech and actions. Members should keep in mind that opinion of taste, humour, personal space and interaction vary from one person to another and should be respected.

  2. Any disagreements should be handled with mindfulness and dignity. Members should be respectful when giving feedback should be open to alternative points of view.

  3. Members should refrain from any kind of discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, employment, political affiliation or sexual orientation.

  4. The platform offered to members of the club are for collaboration educational and informational purposes only. Sharing of inappropriate material be it sexual or violent will not be encouraged.

  5. Members should ensure that no intentional misleading misinformation is dispersed and therefore strives to maintain credibility.

  6. Information posted on the forum may not be considered confidential. Therefore, users must be cautious when sharing information.

  7. Members should not take part in any corrupt or bribery acts that will infringe on the company name or other QM-Club members.

Clara Agutu

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