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From Crickets to Cheers

KAZI is a Kenyan-based start-up that created an app to connect small business owners in the informal sector to potential clients. The app aims to help small businesses grow and expand their reach in the market.

From Crickets to Cheers - How Qallann Marketing Agency Helped Kazi App Find Its Voice with Testimonials & Reputation Management

Challenge: Kazi App, a promising app connecting customers with reliable service providers, faced a major hurdle - a silent online reputation. With minimal user reviews, it struggled to gain trust and attract new customers amidst established competitors.

Solution: Qallann Marketing Agency was brought in to turn the tide with a two-pronged approach: testimonial generation and reputation management.

  • Mining the User Goldmine: We knew the positive experiences were out there, we just needed to unearth them. We employed a multi-faceted strategy to gather genuine testimonials. This included in-app prompts after successful service completions, targeted email requests to users with high engagement, and social media contests that incentivized users to share their Kazi App success stories. We focused on capturing specific examples of quality service, promptness, professionalism, and the overall positive impact Kazi App had on their lives.

  • Strategic User Advocacy:  Positive testimonials were strategically placed within the Kazi App app, including service provider profiles and a dedicated "Reviews" section. We also leveraged them in social media campaigns and user acquisition ads, highlighting the app's value proposition through real user voices.

  • Active Reputation Management: We implemented a system to monitor online reviews across app stores, social media platforms, and general review sites. We created clear guidelines for responding to both positive and negative feedback, prioritizing prompt, professional, and transparent communication.


  • App Downloads Soared: Kazi App witnessed a remarkable 40% increase in app downloads within 6 months of implementing our strategy.

  • Increased User Engagement: User engagement within the app skyrocketed, with a 35% rise in service bookings directly attributed to the trust built by positive testimonials.

  • Positive Brand Sentiment: Kazi App saw a significant shift in online sentiment. Negative reviews were addressed swiftly, and positive ones fueled organic user testimonials, creating a snowball effect of trust.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Power of User Voices:  Authentic user testimonials serve as powerful marketing tools, fostering trust and encouraging potential users to choose Kazi App.

  • Reputation Management is Ongoing:  Actively monitoring and responding to online reviews strengthens customer relationships and demonstrates a commitment to quality service.

  • The Right Agency Makes the Difference:  Partnering with a marketing agency specialising in testimonial generation and reputation management can amplify your app's success by leveraging user experiences into a powerful marketing asset.

Ready to Amplify Your User Voice?

At Qallann Marketing Agency, we help businesses like Kazi App transform user experiences into effective marketing tools.  Contact us today and let's unlock the power of testimonials and reputation management for your app.

Bonus Tip: Showcase user testimonials in video format! Short video snippets of satisfied customers praising Kazi App can be incredibly powerful on social media platforms and app store previews.

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