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Discover the power of Intentional Marketing - through our client success stories.

Client Overview

Rubby Paediatrics and Adolescent Clinic is a newly established medical clinic in Kenya, specialising in paediatric and adolescent healthcare services. The clinic aims to provide quality medical care to children and teenagers, with a focus on promoting their overall health and well-being.


The clinic approached Qallann Marketing Agency to create a visual identity that would represent their brand and help them establish a strong presence in the healthcare industry. The client wanted a unique and recognizable logo, as well as custom-designed business cards and office stationery to enhance their brand image.

Research and Analysis

Before beginning the design process, we conducted extensive research and analysis of the clinic's target market and competitors. We studied the existing brands in the paediatric and adolescent healthcare industry and looked for ways to make Rubby Paediatrics and Adolescent Clinic stand out. We also analyzed the colour psychology and typography that would best represent the brand's values, which were care, trust, and approachability.

Design Process

Based on our research and analysis, we created a custom-illustrated logo for Rubby Paediatrics and Adolescent Clinic. The logo depicted a playful and friendly image of a child, with the clinic's name written in a bold and approachable font. The logo colours were pink, yellow, blue, and coral pastels, conveying a sense of youthfulness and energy.

We also designed business cards and office stationery, such as invoices and prescription pads, to match the logo and brand identity. The business cards featured the clinic's logo on one side, with contact information on the other. The office stationery also featured the logo prominently, along with a consistent colour scheme and typography.


The final visual identity we created for Rubby Paediatrics and Adolescent Clinic was a success. The custom-illustrated logo, business cards, and office stationery we designed conveyed the clinic's values of care, trust, and approachability. The pastel colour palette and friendly child illustration helped the brand establish a warm and welcoming presence in the healthcare industry. 

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