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Client Overview

Seelfa is a newly launched app in the Middle East, designed to simplify bookkeeping for small businesses, providing a mobile solution for managing finances. The company approached Qallann Marketing Agency to help them localise their content for the Kenyan market.


Seelfa wanted to expand their reach and increase user onboarding in Kenya. Qallann Marketing Agency was tasked with creating a marketing strategy that would resonate with the target audience, highlighting the app's benefits and ease of use. The primary goal was to create an illustrated explainer video with a Kenyan voice-over and photography for ad content to increase awareness and drive user acquisition.

Research and Analysis

Before beginning the design process, Qallann Marketing Agency conducted extensive research and analysis on the Kenyan market, examining the competition and user behaviour patterns. We also analysed the app's key features and benefits, which we used to create targeted messaging for the Kenyan audience.

Design Process

Qallann Marketing Agency created an illustrated explainer video for Seelfa, showcasing how the app simplifies bookkeeping for small businesses. The video was accompanied by a Kenyan voice-over, which added authenticity and connected with the target audience on a personal level.


We also conducted a photoshoot to create visually appealing ad content that highlights the app's features and benefits.

To further support the ad campaign, we optimised Seelfa's social media profiles and created ad copy that effectively communicated the app's benefits to potential users. 


The Seelfa campaign was a success, with the illustrated explainer video and ad content garnering significant engagement and driving user acquisition. The Kenyan audience responded positively to the messaging, and the Kenyan voice-over in the video helped establish a sense of trust and authenticity. The ad campaign on social media was also effective in generating interest and driving downloads.

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Seelfa Carousel mockup
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