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Stronger Together Program

Despite the efforts to close the gender gap in Kenya, cultural beliefs and societal attitudes around women empowerment and gender parity remain slow to change. Kenya ranks 76 out of 144 globally, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2017, with significant inequalities between males and females when it comes to education attainment, health outcomes, representation in parliament and participation in the labor market. Participation of women in the economy is limited due to systemic gender barriers.


As a women-led company, we understand the challenges that women in business face and would like to do our part to reduce the gender gap. Our goal is to encourage and drive up mutual support among women in business. Why?

We are strong alone but can be stronger together!


Let us collectively impact the business world by channelling the power of collaboration. We'll trade you your strengths for ours, then grow together.


Barter trade with us!


What is the goal of the #StrongerTogether Program?

In Kenya, women experience more inequalities than men when it comes to business and business opportunities. For that reason, we would like to collaborate with other women in business to exchange our business expertise and help each other’s businesses grow.

What kind of support would Qallann like?

We are open to different kinds of skills, experience and services. We know that there is so much talent out there so we would like to hear what you can do to help our business be more innovative and disruptive, and we will do the same for you.

Will you have to pay anything?

No, this program is about barter trade. We will exchange services for services, skills for skills and services for skills. We will only assign the services and skills we provide a monetary value so that the barter trade can be fair and based on equal value.

What does it take to collaborate with us?

The eligible partner company needs to be a 51% female-run business. Aside from that, you need to be willing to send us certified copies (stamped with your official business stamp) of your certificate of incorporation as well as your CR12. We would also want to see a statement of your capabilities (services that you would be/ can be willing to provide to us) as well as list of references or companies you have worked with in the past.

Who can participate on behalf of the company?

We would like to communicate directly with people who can make decisions on behalf of the company they nominate. If you have that kind of deciding power, you are welcome to participate.

How many times can you submit an entry?

You should only make one entry (unless you offer different tradeable services). Submitting entries more than once will not increase your chances of working with us.

When will you hear back from us?

We will take about one week to get back to you to confirm our collaboration or not, as well as advise on the way forward.