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Stronger Together Program

Despite the efforts to close the gender gap in Kenya, cultural beliefs and societal attitudes around women empowerment and gender parity remain slow to change. Kenya ranks 76 out of 144 globally, according to the Global Gender Gap Report 2017, with significant inequalities between males and females when it comes to education attainment, health outcomes, representation in parliament and participation in the labor market. Participation of women in the economy is limited due to systemic gender barriers.


As a women-led company, we understand the challenges that women in business face and would like to do our part to reduce the gender gap. Our goal is to encourage and drive up mutual support among women in business. Why?

We are strong alone but can be stronger together!


Let us collectively impact the business world by channelling the power of collaboration. We'll trade you your strengths for ours, then grow together.


Barter trade with us!

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