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World Animal Protection is a Non Governmental Organisation with its headquarters in the UK and an African regional office based in Nairobi Kenya. Their vision is a world where animals live free from suffering - together we can move the world for animals.


2 months

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The World Animal Protection team onboarded our agency to support the launch of their PrepVet Online Course in the Africa region. The course would see animal health professionals and caregivers signing up for it and receiving certification for the same.


Graphic Design

We designed marketing collateral to promote the launch of the PrepVet course on social media, as well as graphic visuals for their different engagement platforms. We also designed banners and notebooks.

Video Editing

We edited animated explainer videos used in public education.

Video Live Streaming

We shot a LIVE video of the webinar that announced and elaborated the PrepVet course and the benefits to those that undertake it.

Content Marketing

Using our digital consumer intelligence, we developed content for social media posts to be used in amplifying the launch of the course and get their target audience to sign up for their webinar.