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Participate in our Creator & Influencer Focus Group

If you're trying to pursue content creation as a career or monetize your audience, we understand that it can be tough. At Qallann Marketing Agency, we want to help you overcome these challenges, and that's why we're hosting a focus group to understand your struggles.

Join us for an exclusive focus group facilitated by Cindi Muriuki!


Focus group
  • Do you feel like you're competing in a crowded space with no way to stand out? 

  • Are you struggling to build a loyal following that engages with your content? 

  • Do you find it difficult to monetise your content and determine the best revenue streams to pursue?

We know that content creation is a tough industry, but we also believe that with the right tools and knowledge, you can succeed. That's why we want to invite you to our focus group, facilitated by Cindi Muriuki, a content creator, influencer and digital marketing specialist.

Cynthia Muriuki



Topics for discussion

In this focus group, we will delve deep into the challenges that content creators face and explore topics such as:
  • Building a brand and loyal following

  • Digital marketing basics

  • Pricing your skills and services

  • Monetising your content

  • Staying up-to-date with algorithm changes

  • Managing burnout and creative blocks

  • Understanding intellectual property rights

  • Balancing creative freedoms with brand partnerships

  • Measuring the impact of your content


Gain Valuable Insights and Feedback

We believe that creators and influencers have the opportunity to shape the future of the creator landscape for themselves and future creators. By sharing your experiences and insights, you'll learn from each other and we’ll co-create a solution that addresses your challenges and empowers you to succeed.


Be Part of a Supportive Community

Join us for this exciting opportunity to connect with other creators and influencers, share your experiences, and gain valuable insights. Together, we can overcome the challenges of content creation and build a thriving community of creators. 

Register now to reserve your spot in our upcoming focus group!

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