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Marketing Assessment Tools

Diagnose your marketing weaknesses and unlock hidden potential.

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What's working and what's not?

Struggling to see results from your marketing efforts? Unsure where to improve?

Qallann Marketing Agency's suite of free and paid marketing assessment tools empowers businesses of all sizes to gain valuable insights and optimise their marketing strategies for success.


Save time & money

Gain valuable insights without expensive consulting fees.


Data-driven decision making

Base your marketing strategies on real data and actionable recommendations.


Improved marketing ROI

Maximise your return on investment by optimising your marketing efforts.


Clear & measurable goals

Set achievable marketing goals based on data-driven insights.


Content Marketing Strength

Identify content gaps & optimise your strategy for maximum impact.

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Email Marketing Maturity Assessment

Understand the Strengths & Weaknesses of your Email Marketing Practices

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SEO Maturity Assessment

Discover Your Website's SEO Strengths & Weaknesses

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Digital Inclusivity Checklist

Identify potential barriers and optimise your digital channels for accessibility.

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Marketing Campaigns ROI Calculator

Forecast your marketing ROI and optimise your budget allocation for maximum return.

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