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Digital Consumer Intelligence

Conversations are happening online daily. Listening to these digital conversations will provide you with insights that will help your business or brand create intentional and consumer-centred data driven communication plans.

Without data, it's all just an opinion.

Harness the power of digital insights.


People are always telling us what they want. It is the job of brands and business owners to listen and take action.

What is digital consumer intelligence?

These are insights derived from monitoring online platforms for mentions of specific keywords or phrases. These could be related to your competitors, your brand, your products or more.

Where do search listening, social media listening and digital insights come from?

Insights collected from digital listening come from various online platforms. These platforms include: - News blogs and websites - Social media networks eg. Facebook, Quora, Line etc. - Location based platforms eg. Foursquare, Yelp, Facebook etc. - Photo-based platforms eg. Google images, Pinterest, Instagram etc. - Retail platforms eg. Amazon, Etsy, Yelp etc. - Microblogs eg. Twitter etc. - Forums eg. Yahoo! Groups, Trip Advisor etc. - Video platforms eg. Vimeo, YouTube etc - Blogs eg. Tumbler, Blogger, Wordpress etc. - Search platforms eg. Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc.

Why is social listening and search listening important?

Digital listening helps you better understand your audience's behaviours allowing you to better connect with them. You can use insights to: - understand how users interact with and perceive your brand - proactively engage with your audience - manage crises - understand your consumers' pain points - stay ahead of the competition - discover new leads - identify your brand advocates and influencers Read more....

Increase your marketing efficiency and effectiveness.


Data from digital listening can provide marketing teams and businesses with insights into your target audience that can help you optimise your customer relationships and experiences.



Monitor the metrics that will help you attain your social media goals.



Understand the mood and perception behind your social media monitoring metrics.



Find out which keywords and keyword phrases your brand and business should be competing for in order to be more discoverable.



Understand how your audience is searching on search engines. Use this to become more discoverable online.