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Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company is the largest utility company in Kenya. Their mandate is to provide and manage water and sewerage services in Nairobi County, and provide clean water to the county residents. 

The Challenge

We were tasked to build a customer-centric and responsive search optimised website Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company (NCWSC/ Nairobi Water). This move was aimed at increasing the ease of customers getting information.


Our Solution

Website Design & Development

We redesigned and redeveloped their existing website on a different content management system. The new website was more modern and had a more user-friendly interface with consumers being able to find what they are looking for with much more ease.

Graphic Design

We designed images and iconography used on the newly designed website. We also redesigned their internal news-watch magazine look & feel.

Search Engine Optimisation powered by Digital Consumer Intelligence

Before the new website build, information that Nairobi Water consumers searched eg how to pay your water bill, was answered by results from other content creators and domains. This meant that if the information out there was wrong, Nairobi water could not be held responsible. We therefore created a home for all the information that their consumers searched for and information that Nairobi Water wanted to communicate to them. This information was sourced from digital intelligence (search and social listening) as well as from the Nairobi Water corporate communications team. With their support, our team developed search optimised copy.

We also optimised the technical elements of the website build to ensure that we had an all-round optimised site for both desktop and mobile.

Content Marketing

Using our digital consumer intelligence, we developed content for the website that reflected what consumers wanted to know as well as what Nairobi Water needed to communicate.

Chatbot Marketing

Once again, utilising insights from digital intelligence and customer service reports, we created a customers service Facebook Messenger chatbot. The chatbot is designed to increase self service and get both website visitors and customers to a solution quickly and easily.