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Action for Protection of Animals Africa

Action for Protection of Animals Africa (APAA) is a non-governmental organization committed to protecting and promoting the welfare of animals in Africa. The organization focuses on dog population management and rabies elimination, as well as wildlife protection and conservation. Their mission is to promote compassion towards animals and work towards a world where animals are treated with respect and dignity.


APAA, a passionate organization dedicated to animal welfare in Africa, lacked a comprehensive brand identity and digital presence to effectively communicate their mission and garner support. They needed a full-service marketing solution encompassing everything from logo design and website development to content creation and strategic guidance.


Qallann Marketing Agency embarked on a collaborative journey with APAA, providing a comprehensive suite of marketing services:

  • Brand Identity Development: Through in-depth research and analysis, we crafted a powerful logo symbolizing APAA's commitment to both domestic and wild animals. The chosen design featured a dog and a lion, complemented by an earth-tone palette reflecting their dedication to protecting animal habitats.

  • Seamless Brand Extension: We translated the core branding elements into various materials, including business cards, country profiles, information packs,banners, and branded apparel, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.

  • User-Friendly Website: We built a responsive website on Wix, serving as an informative hub and a crucial fundraising platform. The website featured:

    • Compelling storytelling: Engaging narratives and captivating visuals showcased APAA's mission, projects, and impact.

    • Seamless donations: Integrated PayPal facilitated secure online donations with clear calls to action and progress indicators.

    • Lead generation: Strategically placed opt-in forms captured valuable leads from potential supporters and volunteers.

    • Educational outreach: An e-learning platform offered interactive modules and downloadable resources about animal welfare.

    • Social media integration: Fostered community engagement by integrating social media feeds and encouraging user-generated content.

    • Performance tracking: Advanced analytics monitored website traffic, user behavior, and campaign effectiveness, enabling data-driven optimization.

  • Content Marketing Strategy: We developed a comprehensive content marketing strategy to raise awareness and educate audiences about animal welfare issues.This included creating engaging blog posts, social media content, and email campaigns.

  • Strategic Guidance: We provided ongoing strategic counsel, helping APAA navigate the ever-evolving marketing landscape and make informed decisions to maximize their impact.


The meticulously crafted marketing strategy yielded remarkable results:

  • 20% increase in website traffic: More potential supporters discovered APAA's work and engaged with their content.

  • 15% rise in online donations: Increased financial support empowered APAA to directly impact more animals in need.

  • Enhanced brand awareness: The cohesive brand identity and engaging online presence significantly boosted APAA's recognition and credibility.

  • Empowered advocacy: The website and educational resources equipped supporters with the knowledge and tools to become effective advocates for animal welfare.

Client Testimonial:

"Qallann Marketing Agency has been an invaluable partner in our journey to make a difference for animals across Africa. Their expertise, dedication, and passion have helped us reach a wider audience, secure crucial funding, and amplify our message of compassion and protection. We are incredibly grateful for their comprehensive support and look forward to continuing our impactful collaboration." - Dr. Kimaru, APAA

Inspired by APAA's dedication? Qallann Marketing Agency is here to help your organization achieve its full potential. Contact us today to discuss your unique marketing needs and embark on your own transformative journey.

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