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Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company

Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company (NCWSC), commonly known as Nairobi Water, is the largest utility company in Kenya, providing water and sewerage services to the residents of Nairobi County. In 2019, the company engaged a digital marketing agency to design and develop a new website that would be more customer-centric, user-friendly, and search-optimised.


Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC) faced difficulties connecting with customers and providing accessible information. Their outdated website hindered discoverability, frustrated users with complex navigation, and lacked optimized content for search engines. Customers often resorted to time-consuming phone calls or unreliable external sources for basic information.


Qallann Marketing Agency implemented a comprehensive strategy to bridge the information gap and enhance customer service:

  • Website Revamp: We redesigned and redeveloped the website using WordPress,prioritizing user-friendliness. The modern interface boasts intuitive navigation,clear calls to action, and mobile responsiveness, ensuring seamless access from any device.

  • Visual Refresh: Graphic design elements like images and icons were incorporated, lending a fresh and modern aesthetic to the website and its internal news-watch magazine.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Leveraging digital consumer intelligence tools, we conducted extensive research. Analyzing search trends and social media data, we identified key queries and topics related to Nairobi's water and sewerage services. This data informed the development of search-optimized content,propelling the website to higher rankings on search engines like Google.

  • Content Marketing: Insights from the research guided content creation,addressing customer needs and interests. Informative, engaging, and easy-to-understand content covering water conservation, water quality, and payment options empowered users with valuable knowledge.

  • Chatbot Implementation: To streamline customer service and offer self-service options, we developed a Facebook Messenger chatbot. This AI-powered tool tackles common queries like bill payments, leak reporting, and new connection requests, offering quick and convenient solutions. Integrated seamlessly with the website, the chatbot is readily accessible through a floating chat icon.


The project yielded significant improvements for NCWSC:

  • Increased Website Traffic and Engagement: The user-friendly website has seen a rise in traffic and engagement, with customers spending more time exploring various sections and accessing relevant information.

  • Enhanced Customer Service: The chatbot has effectively reduced the volume of calls and emails directed to customer service, freeing up staff to handle more complex inquiries.

  • Improved Search Visibility: SEO efforts resulted in a remarkable increase in the website's Technical SEO score from 53% to 84%, significantly improving organic search ranking and attracting more website visitors.

  • Empowered Customers: Overall, the project has transformed NCWSC into a more customer-centric organization, providing a significantly improved experience for its users by making information readily accessible and offering convenient self-service options.

Beyond the Numbers:

This case study goes beyond statistics. By empowering NCWSC to connect effectively with its customers, Qallann Marketing Agency has contributed to a crucial aspect of public health and well-being in Nairobi. Improved access to information empowers residents to make informed choices regarding water conservation, sanitation, and hygiene, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more sustainable community.


"The new website and chatbot have been a game-changer for our customer service. We've seen a significant reduction in call volume, and customers are much more satisfied with their online experience." - Maureen, Coorporate Affrairs Co-ordinator, Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company

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