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Seelfa is a newly launched app in the Middle East, designed to simplify bookkeeping for small businesses, providing a mobile solution for managing finances. The company approached Qallann Marketing Agency to help them localise their content for the Kenyan market.


Seelfa, a revolutionary mobile app designed to simplify bookkeeping for small businesses, faced the hurdle of reaching and engaging its target audience in the dynamic Kenyan market. They needed a comprehensive marketing strategy that resonated with local users, effectively communicated the app's benefits, and ultimately drove user acquisition.


Qallann Marketing Agency, understanding the unique needs of the Kenyan market, crafted a multi-pronged approach to propel Seelfa's growth:

  • Market Immersion: We conducted in-depth research, analyzing user behavior patterns, competitor landscape, and cultural nuances within the Kenyan market.This deep understanding informed the development of targeted messaging and strategies that resonated with local audiences.

  • Explainer Video with Kenyan Heart: To showcase Seelfa's features and user-friendliness, we created an engaging explainer video. The video featured captivating illustrations and a Kenyan voice-over, fostering a sense of trust and cultural connection with the target audience.

  • Visually Striking Ad Campaigns: A professional photoshoot captured compelling visuals highlighting Seelfa's functionalities and benefits. These visuals were then incorporated into targeted Facebook Ads and social media campaigns, reaching users across various platforms.

  • Social Media Optimization: Qallann optimized Seelfa's social media profiles,ensuring consistent branding and effective communication channels. We crafted engaging content that resonated with the local audience, further promoting the app's value proposition and driving brand awareness.


The meticulously crafted marketing campaign yielded remarkable outcomes for Seelfa:

  • Surge in User Acquisition: The explainer video, visually appealing ads, and social media engagement resulted in a significant increase in user acquisition, propelling Seelfa's growth in the Kenyan market.

  • Building Trust and Recognition: The Kenyan voice-over and culturally relevant visuals fostered trust and brand recognition among local users, establishing Seelfa as a reliable and relatable solution.

  • Empowering Local Businesses: By simplifying financial management, Seelfa empowered Kenyan entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best - running their businesses. This not only benefited individual businesses but also contributed to the overall economic growth of the region.

Beyond the Numbers:

This project transcended mere metrics. Qallann Marketing Agency's culturally sensitive approach not only increased app downloads but also played a role in empowering local businesses and fostering a sense of community. By providing a user-friendly and accessible tool, Seelfa, with the support of Qallann's marketing expertise, is transforming the financial landscape for Kenyan entrepreneurs, one download at a time.

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