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Content Marketing 101 - Growing your audience with the right content

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Content Marketing 101 - Growing your audience with the right content

With the growth of social media, search engines and really, internet and internet usage, everyone has access to content of all forms at the click of a button. As such, to successfully capture and retain an audience, the content that your brand provides has to meet their audience's need state and address it.

We recently signed on an individual client who wanted to make money online as part of their side hustle. We suggested YouTube as a means to that end based on the client's interests. The client had an idea for a YouTube channel in a small and very niche category whereby she would be filming an activity that was part of her weekly routine.

We therefore defined a strategy for the client to grow and retain her audience to her channel. We came up with a channel name that called viewers to action and optimized her videos for YouTube search so that they ranked better/were on the first page of the results returned by YouTube. We also defined an engagement strategy for managing her YouTube community.

One of the major considerations, particularly for YouTube, is content. As they say, "Content is king". We did a deep dive into this category to understand what consumers benefited from that kind of content. Based on our consumer research in the category, we guided the client on the kind of content to generate, the kind of future considerations she would need to look into for audience retention and the frequency of posting.

In order to monetize on YouTube, one needs to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours before their channel can be reviewed for compliance to begin monetizing. Further, to get a real return on investment for a YouTube channel, one needs to look at ways of generating multiple streams of income from their channel. This is because, with little viewership, the kind of money one would be making would not be much ($2 per 1000 views).

With the right strategy in place, our client was eligible for monetization in under 2 weeks with only two videos uploaded. She had received over 100,000 views (this is equivalent to $200 or KES 20,000) just for videoing her routine activities. This is just the beginning for this client. With her channel still growing, and content still flowing, our client is bound to make even more money as passive income. She can eventually open up multiple opportunities for monetization from her channel without only depending on her paycheck from Google.

As a small business or as an individual looking to grow your personal brand, the opportunities for income from online business are vast. Contact Qallann Media and Digital Marketing Agency to help you understand your audiences' needs and captivate them with content intentionally made to engage and retain them.

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