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Should I spend money on building a website?

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Should I spend money on building a website?

Websites do all the heavy lifting for your business. The internet reach is far more than any other form of advertising. So, chances are, your consumer is using the internet. For this reason, a website should be an #intentional part of a company's strategy. This is where you will put all the additional information that you cannot put on an ad, or post on social media in one go. It should be a one-stop-shop for all the information that your consumer or customer needs to know about your brand.

What are the important elements of a website that should be considered in your strategy?

  • Good websites have the possibility of conversions. With engaging content and beautiful responsive designs, potential clients will make a decision, there and then, while on your site, to do business with you.

  • Consumers do not want to have to constantly contact a brand for information. Self-help is steadily on the rise.

  • A website also gives your business credibility. More often than not, consumers search online for products and services before they make a purchase decision. Your website should be the one source of truth where a brand puts out true information about themselves and possibly even shares testimonials that can drive up trust.

  • Your website should be found on search engines. Plan to have SEO done to your site - Nobody looks at page 2 of Google anymore.

  • Your website needs to be responsive. This means that it needs to be optimized to adjust in orientation and presentation depending on the device it is being viewed on. There is nothing worse than viewing a site designed for viewing on a computer monitor, on your mobile phone. The user experience can be very off-putting...just like that, your story won't be told and you lose a potential lead.

Getting a website is not as expensive as one may imagine. But then again, the benefits that you get from a beautiful and informative website, a strong landing page and good SEO will outweigh the cost. Even if your business may have been started yesterday and has no physical address, having a website makes it look like your business is bigger than it may be.

Contact us, Qallann Media and Digital Marketing Agency, to help put you on the map with beautiful, responsive and well designed websites. We will guide you on what your consumers need to see and help you get strong leads and conversions. We'll even throw in some basic SEO.

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