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KAZI is a Kenyan-based start-up that created an app to connect small business owners in the informal sector to potential clients. The app aims to help small businesses grow and expand their reach in the market.


KAZI, a burgeoning app designed to empower individuals in Kenya's informal sector, approached Qallann Marketing Agency with a critical mission: increase user onboarding, drive app usage, and establish a strong brand presence in a competitive market.


Comprehensive Market Analysis: We embarked on a meticulous research journey, delving deep into the target market, analyzing competitor strategies, and meticulously studying user behavior within the Kenyan context. This in-depth analysis equipped us with the insights necessary to craft a campaign that resonated with the audience and effectively differentiated KAZI from its competitors.

Holistic Marketing Strategy: Based on our research findings, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive marketing strategy encompassing an array of integrated services:

  • Targeted Email Marketing: We designed personalized and informative email campaigns aimed at potential users, highlighting the app's benefits and driving sign-ups. These campaigns boasted impressive open and conversion rates, effectively funneling users into the KAZI ecosystem.

  • Engaging Social Media Marketing: We crafted captivating social media campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, focusing on educating users about KAZI's features, success stories, and the value it offered. This strategic approach resulted in significant increases in engagement, follower growth, and brand awareness.

  • Cohesive Brand Identity: Our skilled graphic design team created visually compelling graphics for the app's social media profiles, email newsletters, printed merchandise, and website. This ensured a consistent and impactful brand image across all touchpoints, fostering brand recognition and trust.

  • Data-Driven Insights: We leveraged social listening and search listening tools to monitor online conversations, user feedback, and sentiment analysis. This provided invaluable insights into user perceptions and enabled us to identify areas for improvement, continuously optimizing the campaign for maximum effectiveness.

  • Strategic Media Buying: We executed targeted media buying campaigns on key platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This strategic approach significantly expanded KAZI's reach, attracting a broader audience and driving a substantial increase in app downloads.


The meticulously crafted marketing strategy yielded remarkable results for KAZI. We successfully:

  • Expanded Reach: Achieved a wider audience, significantly increasing brand awareness and visibility within the target market.

  • Surge in App Downloads: Witnessed a substantial rise in app downloads, propelling KAZI towards widespread adoption.

  • Enhanced User Engagement: Observed a significant increase in app usage, indicating user satisfaction and value found within the platform.

  • Positive ROI: Delivered a positive return on investment for the client, demonstrating the campaign's effectiveness and financial viability.

Client Satisfaction:

KAZI expressed immense satisfaction with the exceptional outcomes achieved through the comprehensive marketing campaign. "Qallann Marketing Agency's strategic approach, data-driven insights, and creative execution were instrumental in propelling KAZI to success. We are incredibly grateful for their expertise and partnership in establishing KAZI as a trusted and popular app within Kenya's informal sector," said Annabel, Co-Founder at KAZI.

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