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Ziada - Bridging the Gap

KAZI is a Kenyan-based start-up that created an app to connect small business owners in the informal sector to potential clients. The app aims to help small businesses grow and expand their reach in the market.

Case Study: Ziada - Bridging the Gap Between Customers and Service Providers with a 40% Increase in Bookings

Challenge: Ziada, a mobile app in Kenya connecting customers with local service providers (plumbers, electricians, cleaners, etc.), faced a stagnant user base. While they had a decent number of service providers listed, customer adoption remained low, leading to fewer bookings and frustrated providers waiting for work.

Solution: Ziada recognised the need to improve their user experience for both customers and service providers. They partnered with a Qallann Marketing Agency to analyse user behaviour and identify pain points.

Understanding the User Journey: Through user interviews and app usage data, the agency identified two distinct user journeys:

  • Customer Journey: Difficulty finding reliable service providers; cumbersome quote request process; lack of transparency in pricing and service quality.

  • Service Provider Journey: Low booking volume; limited exposure to potential customers; difficulty managing scheduling and communication.

Optimizing the App: Based on the user journeys, Ziada implemented key changes:

  • Customer-facing improvements: Streamlined search and filtering of service providers; simplified quote request process with upfront pricing options; integrated customer reviews and ratings for increased trust.

  • Service provider-facing improvements: Enhanced profile creation system showcasing skills and experience; in-app communication tools for managing customer inquiries and bookings; automated scheduling and notification system.

Results: The redesigned app led to a significant increase in user engagement:

  • Customer bookings: Increased by 40% within three months of launch.

  • Service provider leads: Grew by 25%, indicating a more active pool of providers.

  • Improved user ratings: Both customer and service provider satisfaction ratings climbed significantly due to the enhanced user experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • By focusing on both sides of the marketplace (customers and service providers), Ziada created a win-win situation.

  • Addressing user pain points at each stage of the user journey led to a more engaged user base.

  • User experience (UX) design played a crucial role in driving app adoption and increasing bookings.

This case study demonstrates how Ziada leveraged user journey mapping and UX design to bridge the gap between customers and service providers. By streamlining the user experience for both parties, the app achieved significant growth and user satisfaction.

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