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Website Design & Building

We build beautiful and functional websites designed to help you connect with your audience and achieve your goals.

It's not just a great look and feel, it's also about functionality.


Everyday, people search for products and services online. Having an online home for your brand is becoming more and more important for businesses today.


A website is a digital billboard that promote your brand 24/7. We design websites that are both visually appealing and discoverable on search engines.


We'll help you communicate your story with an interface that looks great and is easy for your site visitors to navigate and find what they need.

What is web design and development all about?

Web design and development brings together different skill sets to produce and maintain a website functionality. These include:

  • Copywriting or authouring
  • Graphic design
  • User interface design
  • Coding and software
  • User experience design
  • Search engine optimisation
Excluding any or some of these skills in website design and development will give your site visitors a poorer user experience when they interact with your website. The effect of this will be that your site visitors do not take the action you desire them to take on your site.

What is the difference between web design and web development?

Web design mainly deals with the layout and visual elements of the website, while well development has to do with turning the design into a functional site.

Why do you need graphic design when building websites?

Graphic design on your website will not only enhance the visual appeal of your webste, but will also help you communicate concepts and ideas more effectively to your site visitors.

What is the relationship between graphic design and web design?

Graphic design is used to create visuals that can be added to your website to enhance your site visitors' understanding of what you offer.

Get a website that converts.

Your website needs to be memorable for the right reasons and get your site visitors to take an action. This could be to contact you, request a quote, make a purchase...the list is endless. We help you achieve that functionality.


Our websites build minimum features include:

  • Discoverability - our sites receive on-page SEO in order to be found on search engines.

  • Responsive design - our sites adapt to different devices and screen sizes

  • Mobile friendly - we design the websites in a way that its content easily readable and accessible on mobile devices.

  • Website analytics - we connect the site to Google Analytics so that you can track the website performance.



Static websites are those that have fixed content. It's great for a website with general information that will apply to any website visitor.



Dynamic websites are websites that are made with advanced programming and database to display different content provide user interaction



Add custom integrations to your website to elevate the user experience. Examples of integrations include: Payment modules, Social media feeds, Galleries, Email Marketing, Google Maps, Blogs, Booking and ticketing etc.

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