April Fools Day Marketing Tips

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Pranking your clients may sometimes feel like the worst decision you could make as a business. However, it can be a very good marketing strategy when executed right. April Fools Day is a great day to show the playful and creative side of your business. It is the one day when this is actually allowed.

Some of the big brands that we found did it quite well in our books include Google and LG.

Through pranks, LG was able to showcase how clear their TVs are. They did a few more similar ads in different countries with different themes maintaining the one message of Ultra Reality.

Google is constantly innovating in the tech space that sometimes their pranks seem so real. When Google introduced Goole Nose Beta on April Fools Day, they had people smelling their monitors, laptop screens and mobile phones.

Small businesses tend to shy away from this as it is sometimes thought to be time consuming, money wasting or takes away from more "value-adding"activities. On the contrary, a prank doesn't have to be a bad idea or a waste of your resources' time.

When designing your April Fools campaign, think up a prank that links back to the solution or value proposition that your brands, products or services offer. For LG, they offer TVs with a seemingly real viewing experiences, and for Google, they are tech innovators.

Even if your prank has no strong link to your brand offering, your April Fools campaign can increase your talk-ability and increase traffic to your site, both of which can be marketing wins depending on your goals. (Check out the number of views for each of the videos linked to see how much of a win these were!)

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