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How to create a successful Easter Marketing Campaign in 2023

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

As the second biggest retail holiday of the year, Easter provides brands with a great opportunity to stand out and attract consumers. But it requires having the right strategies. Designing a successful Easter Marketing Campaign calls for understanding how people spend their Easter holidays and then creating campaigns around these setups.

Here are some sure-shot strategies to guide your campaign:

1. Drive online sales through seasonal packaging, offers and promotions

With the shift in trends brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the digital transformations, e-commerce has seen significant growth. In Kenya alone, the annual growth rate of the e-commerce market has been predicted to hit 7.58% in the next 4 years (2023-2027)

E-commerce should no longer be an intimidating space. If you don't have an e-commerce website, you can start small with great photography and a social media shop, then scale as your business grows.

Easter promotions are a great time to cross-sell and up-sell products and service bundles. Creating custom Easter-themed packaging for your products is a great way to build exclusivity around your offering during the Easter season. Through custom packaging, you can create an Easter basket that allows you to bundle your products and get even more revenue. Special offers, promo codes and discounts may further push your audiences to make additional online purchases.

As you drive online sales, make sure you have sufficient and up-to-date information on the product or service, such as the price and delivery mode. Ensure that your website and social platforms make the purchase process seamless from the point of interest to purchase.

2. Develop strong messaging and interactive content

In as much as Easter is a religious holiday, people usually associate it with spending time with family, gift giving and easter hunts. Depending on who your audience is, you may want to skew your messaging one way and not another. For example: having religion-focused messaging will lock out non-Christian groups.

Even though we’re post-pandemic and social distancing and lockdown restrictions are no longer prevalent, Easter online can still be a great way to showcase fun and playful qualities through interactive content. For example, you could host a virtual scavenger hunt using rich media such as images, GIFs and video. You could also utilise features such as polls and quizzes to ask your audience questions regarding Easter. The key is to make your audience an active participant rather than a passive recipient of your content.

3. Use the right digital channels to distribute your content

Email marketing is one of the forms of digital marketing with the highest return on investment (ROI). You only however achieve this ROI when you do your email marketing right.

In addition to social media as a means to distributing your content and messaging, email marketing is another very important channel that shouldn't be ignored. Through email marketing, you can activate your audience list and alert them of the offers to come, give them discounts and offers, and remind them to take an action before the offers close.

4. Consider giving back

As we enter into the easter holiday season, you can demonstrate your social responsibility and the human face of your brand by giving back in the form of donations, or discounted products and services.

Structuring an Easter give-back campaign will require you to find ways that your products or services can ease any challenges that your community is facing. Ensure your contribution is something that benefits others way more than it benefits your brand. Consider how your Easter campaign is going to be received in the context of your community. Ensure it is mindful of the situation while still delivering some joyful elements to your audiences.

Most importantly, have a clear understanding of your audiences and their preferences. Remember the Easter holiday means different things to people, it is not just about bunnies, chocolates and fun. For some, it is a significant religious celebration while for others its just another reason to shop. Think through your Easter strategy to ensure it is relevant to your audience in the current global climate.




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