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Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs. Emotional Intelligence.

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs. Emotional Intelligence.

Content marketing is the future of marketing. Content is continually becoming a focus and priority area for businesses in a bid to connect with their audience.

With social media, almost everybody is a content creator churning content out by the second. As a business it is important to be on top of things being said about your business, about your people, about your brands, about your competition and about your industry. Physically going through all the content out there would mean a significant increase in head count. By the time humans get through all the content out there, it would already be dated and a fresh batch of content will be already churned out. For this reason, companies in different industries are embracing new technologies that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to hasten their time to market and response to market.

Ultimately, this is the dream of business owners everywhere - to reduce their time to market. With machine learning, companies are able to sort through tonnes of information in a much shorter time than they would if humans were to do it. However, every advantage has corresponding disadvantages, and AI is not without fault.

Content and context go hand in hand. The one thing that machines lack that humans have is emotional intelligence. Machine learning attempts to address this, but it isn't always accurate.

Bots, trolls and real people are the players on the internet. Some content is real while some content is really just clickbait. Sorting information with artificial intelligence doesn't always take into account the different types of content. The technology element almost always neglects emotional understanding and intelligence by design.

Much as technology is revolutionising our ways of working, it is important to remember that technology with a human touch is still the way to go. Humanization is always important even when you use technology.


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