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Intentional social listening

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Intentional social listening

Imagine if there was a way to know what people are saying about you, your brands, your products, your company... wouldn't you use this information to do things differently?

This is what social listening is all about. You get to know what is being said across the digital space. Good listening tools will pick online content from blogs, social networks, online videos and images and so much more.

If you ask us, every business should be doing this! Every business should have a solid social listening strategy in order to better understand their consumers' pain points as well as what keeps them engaged.

Social listening can give you a better understanding of your audience and keep you relevant. You can get to know what conversions they are having and what their truths are. In fact, studies show that people are more honest online than in person. This means that you will have first-hand data on what your consumers honestly feel and think about you, your brand or your company. With this information, you can control the narrative. Push back with the right information to fuel conversations in the direction that you want them to take.

How can you use social listening to boost your growth...?

1. Be aware:

- Catch all mentions of your brands, products and company.

- Follow your competition too - knowledge is power.

- Keep abreast with the changes in your industry

2. Be informed:

Find out who your audience really is; understand their personas better. From social listening, you can learn

- what conversations your audience has

- what the sentiment is around your brand, the competition and/or your industry

- which topics are hot, which are not

- which platforms they are conversing most on

- which content formats they respond to

- which kind of content they share

- what makes your audience tick

- who the major influencers in your space are

3. Be #intentional:

React to all the consumer 'intel' that you have:

- manage your reputation

- make relevant and relatable content

- be present on the right platforms

- connect with the right influencers

- identify your brand ambassadors

- focus your improvements and ideation

- learn from your competitors' successes and misses

- conduct social selling - swoop in and fill the gap in your industry, or the gap created by your competitor

These are just a few ideas that you can consider when building your social listening strategy.

Need more support? Contact Qallann Media & Digital Marketing Agency.

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