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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Times are changing rapidly. Millennials and Baby boomers have seen a lot of change over the years. Think back to the times when we used floppy disks, used land-lines and phone booths, played Tetris and Super Mario, read Encyclopedias, used video cassettes, could tolerate slow internet (which was dial-up), recorded songs off air from the radio, used walkmans and discmans to listen to music. The list can go on forever. Today, we store data in the cloud, we call from mobile phones, we research from the internet, we download our music, internet connections are wireless...

Nostalgia triggers powerful emotions. For that reason alone, it only makes sense that nostalgia becomes a tactic for marketing and connecting with an audience. There's something about nostalgia that makes it more shareable. Nostalgia implies trust which consequently drives up advocacy.

By definition, nostalgia means homesickness or a wistful yearning to return to a certain time period.

Nostalgia marketing is used by many brands to invoke emotions and memories around a past time period. It plays on the memories and bonds that consumers have with brands. It however works best if the consumers' past had good and warm memories, or if the consumers seek to rediscover traditions.

A strong nostalgia marketing campaign will

  • Feel authentic

  • Invoke key and memorable moments

  • Drive up advocacy and traffic

  • Tell your story and drive up conversions

We are here to help you deliver a strong Nostalgia Campaign. Contact Qallann Media and Digital Marketing Agency.

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