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5 Resources For Social Media Marketing That You Would Be Smart To Take Advantage Of

Do you typically plan your social media content in advance or do you prefer to wing it?

  • I plan in advance.

  • I have a rough idea but I'm open to changes.

  • I prefer to be spontaneous.

  • I don't have time to plan, so I just post when I can.

Social media marketing is a great way to connect with your audience, but it can be difficult to stay organized and make the most out of your efforts. These five resources will help you make sure that you're doing everything possible to optimize your social media experience.

1. An audience persona guide will help you create a cohesive brand identity and messaging on social media.

An audience persona guide will help you create a cohesive brand identity and messaging on social media. You can use it as a framework for building a consistent presence that appeals to your customers or audience.

Social media marketing is all about reaching out to people who are interested in what you have to say but doing so without seeming like an annoying salesperson. This means having a plan for the content you share on these platforms—and that includes knowing what kind of person would want to see those posts. An audience persona helps define who your ideal customer is and how they engage with brands online, which can help inform what types of content they’ll respond well to (and which ones won’t work).

An audience persona guide will give you insights into:

  • The demographics of your target audience (age, gender, location)

  • How much time their average user spends on social media per day/week/month

  • The topics they most frequently discuss when posting or commenting online

2. Use this graphic to keep track of social media image sizes for the major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

You may have noticed that the images you post on social media are a lot bigger than they used to be. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have different size requirements for your images.

Why is it important to have the right size of images uploaded to social media?

Having the right size of images will make sure that your content appears as intended by you and is not distorted by the platform's algorithms.

3. This KPI tracker will help you set realistic goals for your social media marketing and measure your success.

KPIs (key performance indicators) are the numbers that help you measure your success. They're a great way to see how you're doing with your social media marketing and make adjustments as needed.

If you'd like to create some KPIs for your own business, we have a handy tracker template that will help get you started! Just fill in the blanks, print out the document, and use it as a guide for setting up goals for yourself or your team on social media.

4. A content distribution guide will help ensure that your posts go out at the optimal times on each platform.

If you're creating content for your business, it's important to make sure it's being seen by the right people at the right time. That's where a content distribution guide comes in. A content distribution guide is a plan that outlines the best times to post on each social media platform, based on when your audience is most active and engaged.

Having a content distribution guide in place helps ensure that your posts go out at the optimal times, maximizing the chances that they will be seen and engaged with by your audience. This can be especially important if you have a limited budget for paid promotion, as it helps you get the most bang for your shilling.

5. If you don't have one already, it's time to start using a Content Calendar to track all your posts.

The best social media calendar is the one that works for you. Whether it's an app, a spreadsheet or something else entirely, just make sure it's organized and up-to-date. A content calendar can help you stay organized and on track with your posts so that they don't seem random to your audience.

A social media content calendar will keep track of all the different types of posts you plan to publish throughout the month and week: links, photos, video, GIFs...whatever type of content works best for your niche! It'll also remind you when each post needs to happen so that nothing gets missed in the mix. This way there’s no confusion about when different types of content should go live on each platform (you wouldn’t want a photo posted as an Instagram story because Facebook is more appropriate).

If you don't have one already, it's time to start using one!

6. Take advantage of upcoming public holidays and events to create great content and keep your users engaged year-round.

As a social media marketer, you likely already know that holidays and events are great times to create content. But did you know that there are some major holidays and events coming up this year?

Subscribe to our calendar of events to get them all on your calendar.

With these upcoming holidays in mind, let's take a look at how to use them as marketing opportunities for your brand. What does it mean for brands to leverage public holidays? Well, it means creating great content around those public holidays and events—like videos or blog posts—that directly ties into what people are talking about. It also means reaching out to influencers on social media with whom you've built relationships over time so they can share your content as well.

No matter what type of business you run or industry category you're part of, using social media during the various celebrations throughout the year is an easy way to engage customers while also giving them something meaningful to share with their peers online—and that makes it worth doing!


The most successful brands use a comprehensive toolkit to stay organized and make the most out of their social media marketing efforts.

With all of these resources, you'll be able to create an effective social media strategy that will help you grow your following and attract new customers. These tools are designed to make your job easier, so take advantage of them!


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