Easter marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has forced several organisations to revisit their marketing strategies to fit the current global climate. This will undoubtedly affect Easter this year and how marketers approach it.

As the second biggest retail holiday of the year, Easter provides brands a great opportunity to stand out and attract consumers. But with government directives to stay home and businesses closing up shop, how can marketers reach their audiences in a meaningful way this coming Easter? Here are some tips:

1. Drive e-commerce sales through promotions:

One of the biggest effects of the pandemic is the closing of brick and mortar shops. Though this may have adverse consequences on Easter sales, it does not mean generating revenue is at a complete halt. Several organisations have already made it possible for consumers to purchase their products and services through online channels.

Having special Easter offers and discounts may further push your audiences to make online purchases. This means there should be sufficient and up to date information on the product or service, such as the price and delivery mode. If necessary, adjust your delivery times to fit into the government's curfew. Ensure your website and social platforms make the purchase process seamless from the point of interest.

2. Develop interactive content:

People are out of work and school, public spaces such as restaurants, bars and stadiums are prohibited. With people isolated at home, there has been increased online activity giving marketers a golden opportunity of engaging audiences at a higher level than ever before.

Easter at home can still have its fun and playful qualities through interactive content. For example, you could host a virtual scavenger hunt using rich media like images and video. You could also utilise features such as polls and quizzes to ask your audience questions regarding Easter. The key is to make your audience an active participant rather than a passive recipient of your content.

3. Consider giving back:

The impact of the pandemic on businesses, families and friends cannot be dismissed. As we enter into the easter holiday season, you can demonstrate your social responsibility and the human face of your brand by giving back in the form of donations or discounted products and services.

Find ways that your products or services can ease the adverse effects the pandemic has caused. Ensure your contribution is something that benefits others way more than it benefits your brand.

All in all, consider how your Easter 2020 campaign is going to be received especially if you had planned it before the pandemic. Ensure it is mindful of the situation while still delivering some joyful elements to your audiences.

Most importantly, have a clear understanding of your audiences and their preferences. Remember the Easter holiday means different things to people, it is not just about bunnies, chocolates and fun. For some, it is a significant religious celebration while for others its just another reason to shop. Think through your Easter strategy to ensure it is relevant to your audience in the current global climate.

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