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Winning with e-mail marketing

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Winning with email marketing

E-mail marketing is will not be running out of style soon. Every web form and website these days asks you to subscribe for more information, updates, newsletter, exclusive deals and much more. The goal of e-mail marketing is to grow and nurture relationships with your leads and customers.

E-mail marketing is a great start for small businesses to reach their consumers on a tight budget. The real challenge with email marketing is making sure that you are sending out meaningful content to your consumer so that they don't consider your emails as spam or clutter. How do you do email marketing well?

Here's a list of pro tips that are rather simple but can make all the difference if you intend to market with intention.

1. Personalise your emails.

A group email might not help you grow relationships, nurture leads or get the conversion you are looking for. Great marketing is a one-to-one conversation between you and your consumer. This means that you need to segment your audiences based on their interests then send them content that they will find relevant.

Also, make sure that your data is accurate and the parsing works well. You don't want emails going out saying "Hello [First.Name]" or worse still, have somebody else's name - that can be off-putting to the point of un-subscription.

2. Make it worth your readers' while.

People subscribe to your emails based on the promises you said you would deliver: updates, exclusive deals etc. When they let you into their mailbox, you need to tell them something that they are interested in. Research on the content that your readers are interested in.

3. Don't make your emails too long.

Your consumers are still busy with their day-to-day life. Overly long emails put people off reading particularly when it isn't from your friends.

4. Make it legible.

Make your fonts big enough to be legible across any devices. Keep the line spacing long enough too. The more readable it is, the more likely it will be read to completion (if the content is relevant, of course).

5. Have clearly visible CTAs.

Your emails are being read across different devices. You need to make sure that your call-to-action buttons are nice and big - big enough for large and small fingers alike to tap.

6. Get the right type of content.

Everybody is raving about how great video and images are. When it comes to email marketing, think twice. These forms of content drain data when loading which can be off-putting for people saving on data. If the reader opts not to load the images and videos, the email should still make sense.

7. Test

Testing is good practise for any form of content marketing. Create, test, repeat! Make sure your links work, your personalisation fields are correct etc. Intentional marketing will mean testing your design, content and subject lines.

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