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Podcast Advertising: Why you should consider adding podcasts in your content marketing strategy

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

The world of advertising and marketing as we have come to see is an ever changing game that is constantly revolving around innovation. It requires all hands on deck to stay updated and establish new ways to incorporate relevant marketing tactics into your businesses.

Podcasting has allowed companies to connect with their audiences on a deeper level - by allowing their customers to listen to them. With podcast marketing, you can pre-record your audio and make it available to your listeners to stream it on demand or download it for later.

Due to the rise of smartphones and the on-demand economy, podcasts are becoming a powerful marketing tool. They’ve enhanced the reach of brands to targeted audiences.

Global Statistics on Podcast Growth - 2020

People on transit have now switched up their music playlists on their way to work for podcasts and online talk shows.

In this article, we will establish why podcast marketing can move the needle in your marketing mix as well as key considerations before doing so.

Why Podcast advertising?

1. Podcast listeners tend to be highly engaged

With an active and more intentional reason for listening or downloading a podcast, listeners tend to be more attentive and engaged in what they choose to listen to. According to Nielsen’s Q1 2018 Podcast Insights report, 69% of podcast listeners agreed that podcasts made them aware of new products or services. The statistics below showcase the purchase intent on various podcast channels showing levels of engagement after listening.

2020 Global Statistics on Podcast Growth

2. Podcast advertising offers an opportunity for hyper targeting

Podcasts range from quite a large number of topics; from knitting to astronomy. Different channels target listeners who are interested in specific topics. Therefore when choosing platforms to market your product or services, it offers an opportunity to carefully select your target audience where your ads can convert. Additionally, you can curate your ad message to suit these audiences, driving them to take action. This is what we call hyper-targeting. It will grow your audience and optimise your marketing to reach customers where they are.

3. Podcast marketing has added SEO benefits (can increase web traffic)

Podcasting and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) go together like Tacos on Tuesdays. They are a match made in marketing heaven. SEO helps your business rank better on search engines, growing traffic organically. Since podcasts are like audio versions of blogs, they can work in a similar way. You can optimise the meta descriptions, titles and include keywords to target your audience and encourage them to click your website.

4. Podcast marketing creates an opportunity for content amplification

Podcasts provide an avenue to discuss/repurpose previous or new content in a different format than how you initially distributed it. This creates an opportunity to re-promote your products or brand with little to no costs. It will remind your listeners of what you have to offer and remind them of the services or products you can give them.

5. Podcast marketing builds relationships and audience loyalty

With targeted audiences identified comes the ability to keep them engaged. Content that is relevant and well researched encourages your listeners to come back for more. A captivating host will also bring listeners back to your channel. Once this is established your audience will form a relationship with you and will likely continue to stay loyal to your brand. Because trust has been formed between you and your listener, promoted content will be perceived to be more relevant and authentic, thus more effective. Additionally, they could also bring on board other potential listeners building a strong online community around your show/ channel/ brand.

6. Podcasts require little effort to create

It’s no secret that you require investment in equipment before starting a podcast. Having your own equipment and other resources will contribute to consistency of content and therefore consistency in audience return. However, not having equipment should not worry you as there are other ways to ensure that your content keeps running. An easy workaround is to:

  • Find a recording studio you can work in

  • Create more content in advance


Podcasts are a great addition to most content marketing strategies and can indeed move the needle in the market space if effectively executed.

With over 1,000,000 podcasts and over 30million episodes in 2020, it’s safe to say that the podcast audience is increasing and is an avenue to put into thought when thinking of your advertising and marketing strategies.

Think through what your business is about and how you can talk about it well enough to gain more customers. Gear up your equipment, be passionate about your topics, stay consistent and get ready to see some big changes.


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