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What is a good marketing strategy anyway?

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

What is a good marketing strategy anyway?

The entrepreneurship bug has a bitten a lot of people today. Many people are thinking of new ways to supplement their income. Everyone wants to trade a product or service with their main goal being money. This is neither unusual nor wrong. However, without a proper understanding of your brand, its values and your target consumer, making it in business is really just trial and error.

Investing in marketing is a key ingredient for business success. A good marketing strategy will lead to a stable sales pipeline. There is a lot of theory on what makes up a marketing strategy. Many times, business owners, particularly small business owners, take to social media to post their products and services to their network of friends. Most are not ready to intentionally put money aside to market their business. Only data will show how sustainable this marketing strategy is.

As a business owner, it is imperative that you know your consumer. A deep understanding of your target consumer will provide you with strong business insights. From these insights, instead of pushing your products, your consumer will guide you on what it is they need. A good business owner will then listen and react to the market demands and changes.

The world today is rapidly changing. Industries are being disrupted. Consumers now have access to endless options and, unlike before, have a voice and are dictating how products and services should be reinvented. What makes your business stand-out from the rest in your industry?

Stay relevant. Be intentional.

1. Embrace technology. Use technology that lets you get things done faster and more accurately.

2. Let data tell you what to do. Collect data and let it drive up your efficiency by focusing on what is truly value-adding.

2. Never stop innovating. There's always room for improvement; in your products, services or processes.

Qallann Media and Digital Marketing Agency can help you develop the best tailor-made strategy for your business. Our research and analytics team can provide you with data and insights for your industry to help you make informed and intentional business growth decisions.

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