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Marketing in a digital world...

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Qallann Marketing Agency | Marketing in a digital world

Kenya is not getting left behind in this digital age. Internet penetration is 83% as at end of June 2019 (According to Internet World Stats). Most businesses, at the minimum, have a social media page and probably a website. Online content consumption is on the rise with businesses opting to advertise online rather than traditionally.

There is no 'digital strategy', just a strategy in a digital world.

Bud Caddell

If digital is not a part of your strategy, then surely you are not that interested in intentionally staying in or growing your business. Your customers are online and demand instant service. This means that you need to reach them where they are, at the right time, and with the right message. For that, you need to be collecting massive amounts of data, which can only be done digitally. This comes as no surprise!

You need to be constantly aware of what's working and what's not working, and respond as quickly as possible...or you can say goodbye to your clients.

How do you navigate into the field of view of the distracted consumer, you may ask?

1: Think quality, not quantity

Consumers are overwhelmed with content. Everyone is trying to reach them both through paid ads and organic reach. You need to stand out if they're going to stop and interact with your content. Instead of wasting time and energy on a lot of low-impact content, do a few but really great high impact campaigns. In that, you save time and money by focussing on what really matters.

2: Go personal

Make use of AI to get specific and individual characteristics of your audience, then make use that to deliver content that feels specifically tailored for them.

3: Present a unified front

Consumers are using different channels to reach you on different devices. Whatever way they decide to reach you, you need to meet them with consistency. Have consistent messaging for every touchpoint of your customer journey. Do not be quick to use too many tools if you cannot be able to sync everything.

4: Listen

Find out what is being said about your brand, about your product and about your competition. Go a step further to know what's going on in your industry and how you need to react or innovate. Make use of predictive analysis to reach people at their time of need. On the flip side, be on the look out for fraudulent activity around your brand that could tarnish your name. With advancement in tech and automation, it is very likely that fraud rears its ugly head.

Today's consumers are very distracted by all the content placed in front of them. To learn more about how you can optimise your digital marketing process reach your consumer, reach out to us at


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