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Targeting the right audience

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Targeting the right audience

How many times have you heard of a friend or family member opening a business account on social media and asking anybody and everybody to like their page? You probably 'like' their page for the sake of supporting them, not really caring much for the product or service that they are offering.

Better still, have you participated in a meeting where you felt you got invited by mistake? As you sit in that meeting, all you can think about is all the other things you could be getting done instead of being there.

Consider your content marketing spend a tonne of time and/or money curating and creating content then sharing it with your audience. How many people engage with your content and get you to your goals by way of conversion?

What is the value of having these individuals like your page if it will not translate to a sale or any other relevant call-to-action?

Be intentional about the people you target to join your page. Focus your efforts and increase your efficiency.

Don't just add anybody, do your homework. Know your consumer! Know your consumer and make your message speak to them directly.

Understand what value the product or service you are offering will bring. Understand the type of consumer that is willing to pay for this product or service. Understand which channels of communication they would most likely prefer. Target the right audience. Start your business with an intentional purpose of growing it.

Reach out to us to help you build the right personas and develop messaging targeted to them. Contact us.


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