More sales this holiday season?

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The holiday season is approaching. All year long, you have been building trust among your consumers through social media and any other forms of consumer engagement channels that you use. As a marketer, you should already be set with your campaign plan(s) if not already finalizing.

Consumer studies show that many people already start thinking about their holiday shopping even before December begins. This means that if you, as a marketer, have done the right ground work all year through, you will be at the top of consumers' minds for consideration and purchase during the holiday season. If you are lucky and have a great product, consumers may even share their holiday purchases in their networks and build advocacy for you.

What do you need to do to drive up your conversion rate during this holiday season? The answer is always be #intentional. Get your consumers in the holiday spirit.

1. Have the right offers. With everyone being home for the holidays, costs are already up by default. And don't even get us started on how January has 62 days!

2. Inspire your followers with holiday ideas. Give them tips and tricks on how to gift on a budget, fun activities for the holidays etc. Always remember to link this back to your products.

3. Be there to answer your consumers' queries even during the holidays. The great and not so great thing about this digital world is that it is always on. Relaxing for moment opens your consumer up to the preying talons of your competition.

Need us to support your campaigns this holiday? Contact Qallann Media and Digital Marketing Agency.

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